Rich leisure and cultural landscape
Experience values and things of a time almost forgotten in the famous World Championship venue Schladming, in the impressive Tauern valleys, at the south foot of the Dachstein. The spectrum ranges from a prosperous mining industry in the Middle Ages to the surprising rise of Schladming as a mining town, for which there is still evidence: the town gate (Schladming's landmark), remainders of the town wall, the "Bruderladen house” (locals also call it "Bruderhaus" – brother house), now a museum, and show mine galleries.
Natural treasures border the trails
Located in the midst of the Dachstein and the Tauern mountains, Schladming is like a door that opens up to the most beautiful places in the south and in the north. It would be impossible to explore all the wonderful places of this region in just one vacation. That's why guests very often become regular guests.

The Tauern mountains of the Schladming region are mainly famous for their vast supply of water. The "wild waters" themed walk invites the visitor to make vitalising water tours during which one passes the steep "through the hell" alpine trail. The high point for mountain hikers and mountain climbers is certainly a hike to the fascinating lake region; but also easy walks through the valleys reveal natural treasures.

The "Dachstein mountains" are the largest lime karst massif in the Eastern Alps, also called the "roof of Styria", with its ice fields, fixed rope routes and high mountain routes. The Dachstein cable car takes you comfortably to a sea level of 2,700 metres, i.e. directly to the Dachstein glacier (with skywalk, ice palace, snowboard fun park, & starting point for alpine tours). 
More holidays at no additional cost
If you book our hotel, you get the "Schladming-Dachstein summer card" for free. It includes one mountain and valley trip per day with a cable car of your choice and entitles you to use all other leisure facilities as often as you want. Our little guests receive their own kids' summer card. Especially to families, this card is a real asset, not least because more than 40 special holiday activities for children and families are included in it.
You will not find boredom here!
You can fully enjoy all summer card advantages from the first day of your holiday on. Take your time to choose from the wide selection of interesting offers. With the Schladming-Dachstein summer card, you can enjoy over 100 leisure facilities for free. More than 90 bonus partners offer discounts of up to 50% on the summer card.

You can find a selection of all-in and bonus offers below:
  • Dachstein glacier cable car 
  • Mountain railways and cable cars 
  • Toll roads 
  • Hiking and public transport buses 
  • Indoor swimming pools
  • Outdoor swimming pools and swimming lakes 
  • Amusement parks & natural attractions 
  • Museums 
  • Children and family programmes 
  • Bread baking & child joiner's workshop 
  • Many partners offer you discounts, e.g.: 
  • Bicycle rental shop, rafting, summer toboggan run, beauty, cinema … and much more!
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Rooms and suites with fantastic views
Real relaxation in our hotel starts when you open the windows, step onto the balcony, look at the mountain scenery around and become aware of nature with its wonderful forms, colours and voices through all your senses. Every visitor from a big city can certainly discover something fine, beautiful and inspiring, and with some luck even himself or herself.
In the green heart of Austria
The main colour of the region is green. The colour spectrum ranges from a light meadow green to dark spruce green. Green calms, appeases, relaxes and vitalises at the same time. It is a fascinating experience to watch mother cows ruminating or eating on the pasture. Animals are not in a rush. Sometimes we humans also wish for similar frugality.
The mountain pasture is dear to our heart
In the summer, we accompany you to one of our favourite places where the young animals reside, to the Druschalm, i.e. to our mountain pasture, and to the carefully refurbished chalet, which is situated near the "Weiße Wand" (white face) in Untertal, in front of a majestic scenery with mountains as far as the eye can see and spectacular views to the Hochgolling (2,862m), the highest mountain in this part of the Tauern mountains. The "wild waters" themed walk and the "Riesach waterfall" are only a short and easy hike away from the mountain pasture.
Idyllic hours on the Druschalm
You’d be hard-pressed to find elsewhere a plate of cold cuts that tastes better than the one served here. Guenter, the host himself acts as BBQ king (i.e. as person in charge of the steaks at a barbecue). He serves chops and char-grilled sausages. Potatoes and savory as side dish, freshly prepared by grandma in the chalet. Wheat doughnuts, so-called "Griaberlkrapfen" filled with jam are served as dessert. Barbecue afternoons and cosy chalet evenings take place on a weekly basis and are organised also for tour groups!
Unique, a must see, a must hear!
The "Mid Europe" is one of the major brass music festivals in the world. At this festival, the old and modern, familiar and unfamiliar, traditional and visionary, regional and international meet. More than 40 bands with approx. 2,500 musicians from all over the world gather here in the Schladming-Dachstein region for one week in July to play wonderful music.
Window into the brass music world
The programme includes: Indoor concerts at the Schladming Congress Centre, open air concerts in Haus/Ennstal and Schladming, church concerts in Haus/Ennstal and late night concerts, the "Long Night") in the centre of Schladming with event catering & music & shopping, an international conductor master class, a competition for youth brass bands and a polka-waltz-march competition. Companies, publishers, stringed-instrument makers and retailers present musical innovations.

Driving in the last paradise...
This slogan is the underlying ambition of the "Ennstal-Classic" event organiser for a really cool series of events. The Ennstal-Classic has been a cult event for 20 years. The combination of a paradise, a sporting competition and adventure make the emotive "Ennstal Classic", a classic car race, a "must-see" event. Neither locals nor summer holidaymakers want to miss this cool event.
Unrivalled three-day event, like no other before it
Each year, on a long July weekend, the prologue to the "Ennstal Classic", i.e. a race over 400 kilometres, starts. It is followed by a 500-kilometre marathon on the next day. On the third day, the final event takes place. The participants must undergo a test with visible light barriers, where the classic cars drive through the streets of Groebming and yesterday's and today's great motor sport superstars appear together with many film and show business celebrities.

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